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Illustration of three babies looking through a rectangle, like a window, to the viewer.


​Take a peek below at a few picture books I have in the works.

Seeking representation.

Works In Progress

Cut paper collage of a giant panda.

Panda's Problem

PANDA'S PROBLEM is that he is worn out from eating and needs a nap. But his blanket is missing! If he can't find it with help from his friends, he may never sleep again. 

Digital illustration of a young girl with glasses, frizzy hair, with a lab coat and pocket protector with pens.

Snuggle Time Engineered by Me

Seven-year-old Maria is incredibly irritated with the new baby stealing every nanosecond of Mom’s time. In SNUGGLE TIME ENGINEERED BY ME, Maria invents machines to clear up the crisis, but when the Milky-Feeder-Burper and other machines malfunction, so do her hopes for snuggle time. 

Collage illustration of a sloth holding a blue cup of something steaming.

The Thank You Picnic

While readers guess at rhymes to figure out which animals are at THE THANK YOU PICNIC, they learn to say “Thank you” in many languages. This interactive read aloud picture book inspires global awareness, invites love and curiosity of languages, and encourages expressions of gratitude to family, friends, and community.

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